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“Youth” Doesn’t Make A Social Media Manager.

Youth Doesn’t Make A Social Media Manager

“Youth” Doesn’t Make A Social Media Manager.

Many local companies that aren’t traditionally digital in nature have held off on digital and social media for far too long. But even they have become aware of the fact that all their customers and partners use social media, and that they too should be present where millions of people search for goods and services every month.

For business owners who aren’t digitally savvy, the answer to staying relevant on social media may seem to be hiring the youngest digital native they can find. Because if you know your way around Tik Tok, you must be a social media superstar, right? Wrong.

There are so many things that can go wrong if your company is relying on someone who is not an experienced social media manager to handle your online presence. Many non-digital companies don’t consider that sure the young person they’ve asked to do the social media, successfully runs their own personal accounts but running the social media accounts of a business is a whole other ball game.

There’s the company’s corporate image to consider as well as voice, tone, and even who the page is connected to, that needs to be thought about. A digital native might think responding to a client’s complaint in a snippy way is acceptable and before you know it, your company has a negative reputation amongst the very people whose money you want.

Perhaps they share a meme on your very serious company’s page, making an unfortunate joke or commenting on sensitive current issues. Again, your company’s reputation suffers.

Social media can be a minefield for brands that don’t manage it right. Because of the sheer volumes of social media users, and the speed with which social media posts can be shared globally, it’s not an environment for marketing novices. This is a space best left to the professionals who understand things like having a de-escalation plan on had or how to deal with questions from potential customers and many other things that a young digital native might not need to keep in mind when running their own personal pages.

Your social media-savvy youth may know their way around all the hottest platforms, but can you trust them to respond to customers in the right tone, any time of day? Do they understand your brand message and how a careful choice of words and images makes a world of difference to brand building? It’s unlikely.

Social media marketing is part science, part creativity, and a little bit of magic. It takes a wealth of experience to put together the right messaging, with the right visuals, on the right platforms, at the right time. In short, it’s not a job for juniors.

Thankfully, Hashtag Marketing is here to help. With our years of experience and highly qualified team, we can assist your business, large or small in achieving social media success which then translates into business success. Contact us today.





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