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Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Group for Business

Tips to Optimise Your Facebook Group for Business

Tips to Optimize Your Facebook Group for Business

Facebook groups for your business are an easy way to create a space to engage with your customer base on a more intimate level than was previously possible. Before social media platforms, if businesses wanted to ask their customers a question or gauge customer sentiment, they needed to orchestrate entire market research studies, complete with in-person focus groups and weeks or months of organising and various other elements. Now though, businesses can simply post a single poll or quiz on Facebook and ask their customers to participate, and just like that, market research done! This is just one of the many, many benefits of Facebook groups for businesses.

The most important thing about Facebook groups is that they’re a place for meaningful interactions between customers and the business. Like with anything, you have to manage it right. You cannot just make the group and forget about it.

People won’t engage if there’s nothing to engage with. Start discussions, ask questions. As your members increase, they will begin having their own conversations and you as the brand must remember that this is social media, so you need to be social. Instead of leaving people talk to each other and taking a back seat, join the conversation. This will make your business seem approachable and allow your brand’s personality to show.

Post polls to your group, ask them for their opinions, thoughts, feedback, and critiques. This is the modern way of market research and will allow your group members (and customers) to give their input, thus allowing you to tailor your products and services to make the majority of your customers happy. The same goes for when you launch a new product. Let your customers act as free online quality control.

Localise business groups for various locations and remember that talking to people in Johannesburg is not the same as talking to people in America, the Netherlands, or indeed Welkom. Remember to align with the culture and values of your community. This will help you tailor your engagements to fit your target communities.

Create content exclusively for your group and support the sharing of open-source content created by your group members. For example, ask people to share selfies with your product for use in social media ad campaigns. This will promote brand loyalty and make them feel special and as though they’re part of your brand’s family.

These are just some examples of how to optimise your business’s Facebook groups and use them for the best results. If that sounds daunting, don’t worry! Hashtag Marketing can do it for you. We know the best ways to make your brand stand out from the noise and make your followers feel part of something special.





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