The Top 7 Tips for Running a Successful Event

The Top 7 Tips for Running a Successful Event

We at HashTag marketing absolutely love working on-site at events, after hours and hours of planning, negotiating, coordinating and scheduling things – there is nothing more rewarding than sitting back at a well put together event and seeing all your hard work and effort come to life.
As anyone in the industry or anyone who has ever had to put together an event would know, this is no easy feat and requires a dedicated team of skilled professionals to pull off a great event.
So we at HashTag Marketing and Events have decided to throw together our top tips for “Running a Successful Event”

Tip #1. – Be The first to Arrive
Except for your venue manager who you would be meeting at the event venue to open the doors for you, you should be one of the first people to arrive, so that you can serve as the gatekeeper to the event. You are the one who will be bringing all the different elements together at the event, which means that you need to be there to coordinate and communicate to everyone where your resources need to be placed and any other minutiae that happens while they are on-site, so that your work load is flawless.

Tip #2. – Have a Super Tight Detailed Schedule
You could have a supplier who shows up at any time, and that could completely derail your whole event. So, having a tight lined-out schedule that you know like the back of your hand will help you to stay on top of each and every supplier and event worker during the course of your event.

Tip #3. – Work Smart Not Hard
We have all heard this golden term before, but nothing can be truer than this when running an event, and what we at HashTag ME like to do is always be five steps ahead. The answer to working the 5-step rule is to have a process. Know exactly what you are going to do and when you are going to do it. Once you have done one task and have moved on to the next, be sure to tick it off your task list.

Tip #4. – Listen
Always listen to your attendees, a lot of the times you will have someone giving you some or other form of feedback regarding the event. Don’t take this negatively as there may be small things that you could change on a whim to better the experience for your attendees.

Tip #5. – Be a “Yes Man”
Always say yes to anything that you can help with to make your attendees experience a pleasurable one. If this means that someone has asked you to change the air conditioning or to re-fresh the toiletries in the restrooms do it, because doing small things like this even though it may be frustrating will go a long way in pleasing a guest or customer.

Tip #6 – Have support
When starting out you may think that you can do it all, but the reality is you are only one person, and trying to do 10 different things at once is just impossible. Having a dedicated and reliable team to back you up is one of the most important tools you should have in your proverbial sense of the word ‘event toolbox’.

Tip #7. – Don’t forget to breathe
Event organisers suck when it comes to taking time out of their own events to relax, reflect and just breathe. You are constantly running around burning energy and your mind is constantly racing at 100 miles per hour. Nothing could be worse that having a total burnout while you are in the middle of an event. So, remember take a break and rehydrate – because staying on top of your game requires a lot from you. And guess what, you’re only human after all!

We hope these tips help you with your next event experience, and if you feel like you would rather leave it up to the experts then get in touch with the HashTag Marketing and Events team to help you make your next event a success.

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