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What is Email Marketing?

Use the number one marketing tool to get in touch with your current and potential clients.

  • You want your business to be heard and to be noticed. To be noticed. Email marketing is the most cost-effective tool to help you do just that. Email marketing allows a company to share key info about upcoming projects, specials or simply to give their client base information updates regarding the happenings of the business.

  • At HashTag ME, we not only create the content for your emailer, we also design and send out your mail for you. Oh! and did we mention that your email marketing success is measurable? So, get your business some face time with email marketing to the people who really matter.

why Email Marketing

Did you know?

Here are some key insights into email marketing:

Open Rate of Marketing Emails Globally 17.8%
Average Click Through Rate Globally 2.5%
Average Click to Open Rate 20.3%
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