Social Media: Do You Need it?

There’s no escaping the fact that successful social media marketing demands bucketloads of time and effort. Therefore, there’s no wonder why the same question runs through every entrepreneur’s head shortly after starting their new business. ‘Just how important is social media, really?’. The answer? VERY.
Social media provides your business with a voice and the opportunity to create more meaningful connections with your customers. After all, the vast majority of your customers, as well as your potential customers, are likely to be using social media regularly. Not only that, but your competitors are sure to be, too.
So, will neglecting to embrace the power of social media marketing make it impossible to run a successful business? Probably not. But will it facilitate fast-tracked growth and make it easier to attract new customers and retain existing ones? Most definitely.

Social media is a solution for all businesses
Many business owners are under the impression that social media marketing only works for B2C establishments, but that simply isn’t true. Whether you own a B2C or a B2B establishment, there’s a social platform out there that will enable you to reach out to your customers, all while generating fresh leads. For instance, while Facebook and Instagram often work best for B2C businesses, LinkedIn and Twitter often lend themselves better to B2C companies.

However, don’t just assume that the type of business that you run automatically dictates where your customers will be spending most of their time online. Research is always essential!
It’s more complex than it looks.

Unfortunately, another mistake that many business owners make is in thinking that social media marketing is straightforward. They have their own personal Facebook profile and Instagram account, so how hard can it be? The reality is that social media for businesses is worlds apart from using social media as an individual. For starters, a social media strategy is key to helping you achieve pre-planned goals and effectively tracking your progress. You’ll also need to adopt an ‘always on’ approach to engaging with and replying to your followers.

Finding the right support
Ultimately, if you worry that you just don’t have the skills or the hours required to do your brand’s social media marketing justice, it’s a great idea to consider outsourcing this aspect of your business to the professionals.

Here at HashTag Marketing, we offer our clients a variety of flexible pricing plans and services in relation to social media marketing. Our packages start from as little as R3300 per month and include content creation, community management, and monthly reporting. No long-term contracts, so you’re free to dictate what you need, when you need it.

For more details, don’t hesitate to get in touch via (076) 221 6828 or

Article by, Bianca Marie Golz (Content Writer) – HashTag Marketing



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